About Darbar

At Darbar, we strive to serve you the best combination of a convenient location, stunning ambience with authentic Indian delicacies and a bar and making it an ideal venue for lunch and dinner. We have worked to provide you the best dining experience ever without compromising on the food quality. The food service will leave you spellbound and the food, asking for more. Our star line up in the kitchen constantly strives to bring out the best food on your plate catered by the best service and accompanied with the wine of your choice. The food is designed to just suit your palate and the ambience to further your interest. We have, through our small venture tried to make a difference in the sector and intend to further it with your support!

Darbar Intro

The concept of this brainchild is to be a gateway for the world to India. Darbar is derived from Urdu (Persian) Language meaning a royal court. Since the Mughals and Indians have had a common rich cultural heritage the word has been aptly adopted across the Indian languages. Our cuisines have greatly been influenced resulting in richly created foods for all ages. India, being a diverse nation in terms of language, ethnicity, and culture has a rich diversity in food habits and culinary designs too. It has adapted its own version of the various countries it interacted with and emerged with a unique and exemplary style of cooking. We aim to present you a glimpse of the diversity our country stands for at one place (Darbar). Darbar is a finely crafted masterpiece by two people whose sole passion is to cater nothing but the best. Here, we have brought together the fine dine experience and the forever street food taste. Whether it is a formally executed office event, a jointly executed family dinner or a private dinner with your loved one… we have taken care of it all! We serve food from our heart synonymous with Atithi Devo Bhava, meaning Guests are next to God, only to make your experience with us a truly memorable one. The space has been compactly designed to host you comfortably away from the city hassle and into a world of your own. Our food service is prompt and spontaneous with suggestions to suit your food habits, taste and allergies. We take utmost care in providing you a memorable dining experience ever… and all of this in the blink of an eye! We take pride in the fact that, being made by two food lovers, we are driven more by customer satisfaction as you are our top priority. We will try to make you and your entourages feel special.

Who We Are

Chef Ajay, our Executive Chef, Founder and Managing Director, has had many accolades to his career in a short span of time! He has scaled new heights, set newer boundaries for himself and pushed himself further to make an indelible mark in his sector. Chef Ajay began his career with a hotel management diploma after which he pursued several training sessions including Achieving food production program (Taj hotel, New Delhi), Customer-focus selling skills, Guest satisfaction system,supervisory development program and motivation and decision making at work place (Le – Royal meridian in Zari Zardozi, Abu Dhabi, UAE), train the trainer in Bite Rite Abu Dhabi UAE,Food hygienie training, Abu Dhabi.He commenced his career with a scintillating performance at fine dining restaurant, ZaykaUK post which he worked with Best Western Cutler Hotel (head chef), Portsmouth and Punjabi Rasoi as a head chef. In November, 2007 he worked with Le- Meridian Zari-Zardosi, Abu Dhabi as a Chef De Party after a one year stint at Taj Groups of Hotel and restaurant, New Delhi. He has always followed his passion to serve delectable food to his customers and travelled wherever his love for food would take him! He has always aimed for perfection and even though has never shied away from experimenting. His entrepreneurial skills have always shown in his new product developments and finesse. His love for crucial detailing and reinventing the Indian palate brought him with Dr Sunil Kumar. His innate sense of food defined by his enriching culinary experiences has made him a trend setter than a follower thereby enabling him to bring his dream of serving quality to people to fruition. A four year of camaraderie followed and Darbar was born!

A Doctor by profession and a foodie by nature, our Founder and Managing Director, Dr Sunil Kumar has always defied mainstream stereotypes. He has an avid sense for finely cooked food served by the best food service inside a breathtaking view.He first showcased his entrepreneurial skills during his stint at Bollywood Bytes, Jersey Channel Island as the founder and director. After moving to Manchester he set out to carve out a new niche for himself. Avidly looking for opportunities for realizing his passionate love for food, he met Chef Ajay who resonated his interest thus striking the chord instantly! After several sessions of brainstorming to make a difference, Darbar was born. Eversince the duo has put immense and ceaseless toil, on every minute detail concerning the venture to present you their idea of perfection… Darbar