Falooda Traditional cold dessert made by mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds and pieces of jelly with milk, with an ice cream scoop. £3.95
Gajar ke halwa Grated carrots cooked slowly in heavy cream and reduced to a delectable moistened carrot cake. Served hot with cold ice cream to make your experience more enjoyable! £3.95
Gulab jaman India‚Äôs favourite savoury dessert! Round dumplings fried till light brown and dipped in sugar syrup. Served hot with ice cream. £3.50
Sizzling chocolate brownie Chef's own chocolate brownie... brownie with a twist! £3.95
Rasmalai Powdered milk dough moulded into small balls and cooked in a mixture of sugar syrup and milk with saffron and pistachio. The two ingredients add to the rich flavour of the mouth-watering dessert. £3.95
Sorbet Lemon or mango £3.50
Kulfi The creamy Indian ice cream made purely from milk reduced slowly in pistachio and almonds! £3.50
Vanilla Ice Cream Vanilla, strawberry and mint chocolate chip £3.25

If any your favourite dish is not listed in our menu, please ask and our chefs will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. These great Indian favourites are generally made for the medium palate with our own blend of fresh herbs & spices. However milder strength or hotter preparations are available on request. Hot, mild, madras, vindaloo, extra chillies, mushrooms, desi style or apna style etc. We do not include a service charge in your bill. We accept all major cards. The management reserve the right to refuse service without reason.